correct procedure for installing w8

  iqs 22:18 12 Jan 2013

Hi, I purchased w8 pro upgrade this morning .Because it was the upgrade version,i did a fresh install of w7 ,including updates,then installed w8. Was this correct ? Could I of booted from the w8 disc,and installed a fresh copy on a formatted hdd. Also is this is correct ,must w7 always be installed in future ?,or can i create an image {iso file} of both Thank you

  SillBill 22:51 12 Jan 2013

What I understand is - you can only install an upgrade over a running, legal, OS. For W8 it can be any previous Windows flavour, doesn't have to be W7.

  Forum Editor 23:24 12 Jan 2013

The upgrade version looks for an existing Windows installation on the hard drive. It will then offer you the option to retain your files and settings, or to make a clean install which will erase all existing software and data files from the partition on which you are installing Windows 8.

So no, you didn't need to do the fresh install of Windows 7 - as long as there was a Windows installation already on the hard drive you could have booted directly into the Windows 8 installer.

  iqs 08:50 13 Jan 2013

Thank you for the help ,very much appreciated . Things are now a little clearer in regards to installing w8,but can I ask please about reinstalling w8 Do I place the disc in the drive ,reboot and then press any key to boot of the disc ,or as I've done already ,with the os running ? Thanks again

  rdave13 12:46 13 Jan 2013

To reinstall win 8 you can load the disc in Win 8 to reinstall same as upgrading 7. Otherwise you can go to the charms bar, settings, change pc settings, general tab, and select 'Remove everything and reinstall Windows'.


  iqs 16:29 13 Jan 2013

Thanks again rdave13

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