Copying from exFAT to NTFS doesn't work

  Harrison Hawkes 08:49 22 Aug 2018

Is there a way to copy extremely large video files (over 100 GB / file) from an external hard drive using exFAT to an internal hard drive that uses NTFS?

When I try to copy and paste, my computer (with Windows 10) starts copying them but then stops with a message \”Could not find this item This is no longer located in \PATHTOEXTERNALHARDDRIVE. Verify the items location then try again.\”

  Jollyjohn 12:57 23 Aug 2018

Are you sure the video files exist on the exFat drive? Can you open them? There is a 4GB file size limit on exFat drives.

  Guest 1234512760 02:39 04 Sep 2018

Is there a possibility that your computer cannot recognize the exFAT file system for some reason,then causes the copying&pasting failure? Did you try to copy them to the NTFS drive one by one? Or you can directly copy partition in Windows.

  lotvic 11:58 04 Sep 2018

JJ, 4GB file size limit is on Fat32 not exFat

  Jollyjohn 12:14 04 Sep 2018

Yes, that has been pointed out to me in a previous reply that appears to have been removed?? I am still suspicious of the file size - over 100GB - thats pretty big considering an average film fits on a 4.7GB DVD??

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