copying emails to USB in Live Mail

  ray27 08:06 30 Jan 2012

I am trying to copy an email with pics of my grandson from windows live mail to a usb All I seem to be able to do is copy to the Library I found it very easy in XP but I have just replaced the old lap top with a new one

  ray27 08:10 30 Jan 2012

I hit the wrong key again please excuse I am getting on a bit to continue,can any one tell me how to save the email to a usb device in windows live email

  difarn 08:27 30 Jan 2012

I assume it is only the photos that you want to save.


Inserting the usb device right clicking on the photo click "save image as" Then you get up a box showing your PC In the left hand panel if you scroll down you will see "my computer", left click on this and you should see your usb drive Click on that and save

Hope this helps.

  ray27 08:53 30 Jan 2012

Thanks for that advice How do I go about saving the whole email to a usb device?

  difarn 09:27 30 Jan 2012

Insert your usb pen

It can be copied onto a word document by highlighting what you want to copy left click and drag your mouse down)

Save the document in My documents.

Right click on this document and "save to" - find My Computer - flash drive - save

There is the facility to save the e-mail page without having to highlight it within WLM by right clicking on the e-mail by the e-mail heading - save page as - choose my documents and follow the same steps. However, this takes an image of the whole screen on which you may have showing other e-mails you have received. If you use this method be sure to show the e-mail you are copying in full screen mode so nothing else is showing.

  ray27 09:49 30 Jan 2012

Many thanks dfarn for all your help tried what you advised and worked a treat

  difarn 10:00 30 Jan 2012

Excellent - thanks for letting me know.

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