copy cmd for w10 help asap

  donmalex 18:07 22 Jan 2017

Dir 1 & Dir 2. 1 has 300 plus files in it. I want to move some specific files from 1 to 2. File names to be moved are like this. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2016 xyxyxyxxxy.* xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2016 XXYYYXXXYYYXX.* xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2016 xyyyyyyXXYYY.*

How do I wright the copy command at CMD line to move files. I did this 40 years ago but 81 now and have forgotten how.

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  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:25 22 Jan 2017
  1. never move always copy first check they have transfered then delete old files

  2. why can't you just drag them over with explorer?

  wee eddie 18:32 22 Jan 2017

As FB has suggested.

Open both Folders in Explorer, at a reduced size, and then "drag" from one to the other

  lotvic 22:54 23 Jan 2017

In windows explorer open both Folders. If only the files that you want to copy have 2016 in their filename you can open Dir 1 and search for 2016 then when the files are listed click in the pane (to put cursor focus in there) then hold down Ctrl and press A on keyboard. This will select all of them. Then you can either Drag them all to Dir 2 as per FB and wee eddie said

OR hold down Ctrl and press C this will copy all of the selected files.

Go to the other Windows Explorer window and paste them into Dir 2 (Ctrl + V) Make sure they are there and ok. Then close the window.

Go back to the first Windows Explorer window Dir 1 search results where the 2016 filenames are still selected and delete them.

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