Converting to a SSD device

  mikejenkins 15:54 16 Jun 2014

I have a Dell Studio XPS with Win 7 and was thinking of upgrading to a SSD drive. Should it be straight forward swop or is there something I should be aware off. I was planning to clone the new SSD device from the old SATA drive. All help appreciated

  alanrwood 22:00 16 Jun 2014

Do a search for SSD on this forum for all the details you will need.

  BRYNIT 22:37 16 Jun 2014

I've done this on a laptop and desktop. After migrating the OS to the SSD it should be a straight forward swap, If you are connecting to SATA 2 it will run at a slower speed.

  alanrwood 09:14 17 Jun 2014

Hi Bryant

I think you mean it will ruin slower if connected to SATA 1 not SATA 2 which is 6Gb/s. SATA 1 is only 3Gb/s so an SSD will run slower on that. In practice however you will not notice any real life difference unless copying very large files and then that is really slowed by the speed of the other device being copied to or from, especially if it is via USB1 or 2. If you are buying an SSD don't buy a SATA 1 as they are very quickly being made obsolete due to price differences being tiny and the general fall in SSD prices.

  BRYNIT 10:41 17 Jun 2014

alanrwood I think you are incorrect. New SSD drive are SATA 3 but will run one SATA 2 at a slower speed. As its likely that the computer in question will only have SATA 2 it will not run at its maximum speed.

CLICK HERE for info on Serial ATA connections.

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