Consumer Preview

  sharpamat 08:49 10 Feb 2012

It would seem from the windows 8 forums that an offical beta version will be realeased by microsoft on 29/02/12

This is to be named as the consumer preview, and differs from the developer preview ( already available )in many ways

  Jwbjnwolf 13:26 04 Mar 2012

I think it also depends on peoples hardware. Now the DP blew my head off how fast it was on my netbook starting up but then the CP takes off and extra few seconds! the login with the DP took about 10 seconds so I always used hibernate, but with the CP it is 4 seconds if not less logging in.

HAHA that is obviously one thing in common with all us mac users. ;) just like me LOVE Metro. I hated the traditional task bar start menu, as it took me AGES to find what I was looking for but with the Metro Start screen, Everything is in one place.

I love everything in fullscreen and ok ok windows has had full screen a lot longer than mac, but Metro is really the start of Microsoft getting it right.

I love how Apple has done fullscreen as at least you can still access basically all the functions without having to come out of fullscreen unlike what I have had to do with windows a lot when I try using the fullscreen.

Which I love the Metro fullscreen interface on my iMac 27".

Now I do not know about how much of ann improvement the CP is starting up in bootcamp to the DP, but what I do know is that in parallels desktop, the DP was taking as long as xp did to boot up in parallels, but the CP is just as fast starting up as on my netbook.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:52 05 Mar 2012

Ok, maybe not completely but you can make everything all in one place. Ok I can see having 100s upon 100s of applications, it is going to be a big annoyance, but at least you can hide away everything else that you are not using.

With the start menu, you could only have a few apps launchers pinned to the start menu before it looked busy, but with the start screen, you can group all your most used apps onto the stat screen which is immediately accessible as soon as your logged in.

Ok I cannot say opinion for everyone but an opinion is an opinion. And my opinion is that how the start screen is is brilliant.

As long as Microsoft buck up their ideas about removing the traditional environment, and put it back as an option, then what will there be to moan about? But at the moment I can understand why you all are mad about windows 8. I was so annoyed when Microsoft took away the classic menu.

But then I wasn't with windows 7 long before I was back with good trusty classic xp.

  Jwbjnwolf 22:52 06 Mar 2012

Having shortcuts all over the desktop for me just is to busy looking. It takes me AGES to find what I'm looking for. maybe it would of been an idea if you could make the tiles that much smaller so that you can fit more stuff on the screen but for me I think it is almost perfect for my windows needs. I know you can make it look very tidy having shortcuts but it it still is much harder on my eye.

At least for me its easy on the eye, and with a touchpad I can quickly scroll quicker than with mouse.

I do think it is so annoying though that Microsoft have hidden the metro version of windows explorer which is only accessible via metro apps. I feel as so I want click on the word start to get to my documents without leaving explorer. I feel that this is going to be a big negative point for touch screens if it doesn't get somehow attached with the start screen. Also I think that having the charms menu down the bottom left was better for keyboard/mice.

Apart from that i love the metro and I should imagine that with third part software, it will be amazing. But I do agree that if windows 8 is going to be a HUGE success, then the traditional desktop/start menu should be left as an option, but with still the ability to access metro applications.

The only thing I use the task bar for now is for quick access to my college folder/work via toolbar, but that is all I need and want the task bar for. Other than that, it is just a pain which appears every time i move to the top of the screen.

But then again it is just personal preference all this stuff. I will get windows 8 because I love metro but if I liked the start menu more, then I wouldn't. So it is so MEAN taking away the option of using the traditional start menu.

  Jwbjnwolf 22:54 06 Mar 2012

On my mac though, I still prefer the launchpad where it is just icons, but I still prefer it to the start menu.

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