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  sharpamat 08:49 10 Feb 2012

It would seem from the windows 8 forums that an offical beta version will be realeased by microsoft on 29/02/12

This is to be named as the consumer preview, and differs from the developer preview ( already available )in many ways

  Forum Editor 16:56 12 Feb 2012

see my post at the end of this thread

As you say, the Consumer preview version will be launched in Spain on 29th of this month. It will look substantially different to the developer beta that many people have tried (thank goodness).

My own view is that desktop and laptop users will be underwhelmed. Windows 8 is aimed very much at the touch-screen market sector, and to most people that means hand-held devices.

  BurrWalnut 19:14 15 Feb 2012

To change back to the older style Start menu from the Metro UI, open regedit, navigate to HKEYCURRENTUSER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer. In the right pane, right-click RPEnabled and Modify its value from 1 (one) to 0 (zero).

It is, of course reversible.

  sharpamat 19:36 15 Feb 2012

sorry BurrWalnut that was with the deleloper preview

its unknown as yet what the Beta will be like or have

  Matt Egan 17:45 20 Feb 2012

It better launch on the 29th at MWC... or we'll have wasted money sending an editor there! You'll read it all here first.

  sharpamat 08:11 29 Feb 2012

pixelpusher. cannot agree with your views as Microsoft are not trying to catch up, they are the leader in their field.

It has been announced the Consumer preview ( Beta ) of Windows 8 will be realeased today in Spain at 1500 ( thats 1400 our time ) afer that it should be available to Download

  iambeavis 14:56 29 Feb 2012

Available now - windows-8 iso

  sharpamat 07:07 01 Mar 2012

Unlike woody No Problems with downloading, or installing I used a clean install and duel booted. no problems with drivers both mouse and keyboard working fine. did not do much more after that, but inital impression was that l dont feel for PC Users it is going to be a simple to use OS

At least it has now got an on/off switch, and a menu which shows everything available. This seems to again be nothing like present users are used to.

I will look later today

  sharpamat 09:43 02 Mar 2012

My inital thoughts are that for PC users the DP was a better option than the CP. I agree its far slower than Visa was. I do not feel that the changes from DP make it better.So without many changes Win 7 may well stay

Like the DP it cannot be uninstalled so advise caution to those installing in. The only options people will have is a complete restore.

Where as in the DP you could alter the values in the registry to disable Metro it seems microsoft have blocked this. Up to now ( even on Win 8 CP forums ) many have tried but none have come up with a way to do it.

Even with a touch screen it seems many items inc power switch can only be used with a mouse.

  Jwbjnwolf 09:25 03 Mar 2012

I love Metro! Find it so much more convenient to use than the desktop.

I think it is amazing how fast it boots on a netbook (being 1 1/4x faster and 2x as fast login)

I find metro so more convenient.

I find that the no longer start button is a lovely touch to the taskbar as it just was in the way anyway as I just have it tucked away up the top of the screen on auto hide.

I get what some say about the Metro that it is more for touchscreen but I think with just a few touchscreen multitouch gestures, people would love it (or at least mac lovers who have to use windows like me)

E.g: three finger swipe on the touchpad to reveal the start screen

I'd love windows to suddenly get spaces like mac so you can just swipe between your program's,

Then with the web browsers do what macs do with safari, swipe back and for pages.

On the start screen, on the word start, I feel it should be a button to go to other places like pictures folder, documents folder without the need of leaving Metro.

Without a button there for a drop down menu it just makes the start screen feel empty.

Why is the metro version of windows explorer hidden away? Its driving me nuts having to leave metro to use the desktop windows explorer.

I love Metro and already I would be happy to buy it of it was final release but I would prefer to Stay metro rather than seeing the desktop reminding me its windows other than those few things that are not metro apps.

Overall I think the win8 cp is a vast improvement over the dp, especially that you are able to name the groups.

Ok it has changed so much, but I love the change and I'm sure there are a lot of mac/iOS users that have to use windows also like the change but would agree with the idea of gestures and spaces.

As really the start screen is no more of a change than what the launchpad is on lion.

I hated the start menu and just love the start screen. I think it is much easier on the eye (well my eyes anyway) especially on a netbook.

And I love it to using it on my mac 27".

It's the best windows yet in my opinion and that is very good me thinking so seeing that win7 couldn't win me over from xp.

  sharpamat 07:52 04 Mar 2012

I cannot say I was impressed with the speed of CP the DP was faster. the more you put on the slower it gets.

The start menu is I agree a personal choice, Many millons of users worlwide have become used to it.If it is not broke dont fix it, is still the mainstay in computing.If you look on any forums ( including microsoft Win 8 CP ) you will find the same answer again and again, regarding replacing the start menu with metro. Mac users love it others in the majority dont.

As for cost in its present form I would not buy without the built in option to choose either desktop or metro

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