Connecting old USB Slide Scanner

  Ste Worrall 22:13 29 Mar 2017

Im trying to connect a perfectly working but old slide scanner to my Windows 10 (64 bit) PC. Unfortunately I no longer have the old drivers. Can anyone recommend a website I could try to find these drivers on, or any other way to get this to work on my PC......The Slide Scanner is a PF1800 PL model.

  wee eddie 00:01 30 Mar 2017

You'll need to tell us who made it, and a few more details like age and serial number

  mole44 08:09 30 Mar 2017

To be perfectly honest we all have this problem including me easiest and probably the best way is to purchase a newer on.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:39 30 Mar 2017

Ste, the newest driver on the manufacturer's website is for Windows 7 32-bit so it looks like you'll never get it to work with Windows 10 :(

  BT 08:42 30 Mar 2017

I've got one of those. Its a Prime Film 1800u. It was sold by Jessops when I bought mine and was quite good in its day. I used mine originally with Win98/Me but can't get it to work now with WinXP even. I downloaded some software as I too can't find the original CD, but it still won't work. Its a pity as its a well made machine.

As mole44 says looks like a new one is called for. Quite an affordable one at Coopers and its 5mp, much better than the old one.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:34 30 Mar 2017

Its a Prime Film 1800u.......................but can't get it to work now with WinXP even.

32-bit drivers for XP, Vista and Windows 7 are available from the manufacturer's website.

  Jollyjohn 11:14 30 Mar 2017

Try Vuescan - click here - I have used it to get an old Epson scanner working on W10.

  BT 12:17 30 Mar 2017


Thanks for that. I'm sure I've loaded the drivers from there before but couldn't make them work. But Hey! - they now work on my WinXP desktop.

From what I remember the Software looks very different to the original but it scans @ up to 1800dpi and gives a good sharp scan.

  BT 12:37 30 Mar 2017


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