Connecting my desktop to my tv

  Rentner2 06:18 03 Nov 2015

I want to connect my desktop to my tv using a HDMI cable. Tried this and got the Windows icon on my TV but nothing else. Can you help please ? Ken

  Govan1x 09:52 03 Nov 2015

You have to use your remote control and go to HDMI settings and choose the one for your Computer.

I have a source button on my remote that when I press gives you all the settings and you choose the one for your computer.

if you have already tried that and it still does not work maybe try another HDMI cable.

  Rentner2 18:56 03 Nov 2015

Hi Govan1x, Thanks for you help, but I have tried the correct HDMI setting. The HDMI cable is a good quailty one so I don't think its that. However I'll try a different one, just in case. Do I need anything additional for my desktop to make it work? Thanks Ken

  alanrwood 19:34 03 Nov 2015

Sounds like your computer is set to the wrong resolution and your TV can't cope with it. Start it in Safe Mode and set the resolution to one much lower and see if it then works. Determine what the native resolution of your monitor is and then set it up to that.

  Govan1x 23:10 03 Nov 2015

That's all I have just the HDMI cable.

Bought this Tv about a month ago to use as a TV/Monitor it is only a 22" one but big enough for my needs.

Try running your windows updates just to see if there is one for it.

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