Connected to WIFI but no internet connection

  Toonarmy945 15:22 30 Oct 2014

My laptop says I am connected to my WIFI network however when I open a browser the message 'no internet connection' appears. I have tried to plug it directly into the router via an ethernet cable but this also was unsuccessful. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this and any solutions?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:53 30 Oct 2014

What op system and what browser are you using?

  Toonarmy945 18:03 30 Oct 2014

Windows 7 Chrome and IE both aren't working

  Woolwell 19:02 30 Oct 2014

Reboot your router.

  Toonarmy945 19:29 30 Oct 2014

i am getting an error upon diagnostic saying that 'the device or resource (DNS server) is not responding' any ideas?

  Woolwell 21:14 30 Oct 2014

Have you restarted the router?

  Toonarmy945 22:16 30 Oct 2014

Yeh it didn't fix the problem :/

  mole1944 06:11 31 Oct 2014

Is it your own router or like mine i'm with virgin. If company supplied phoen them for a new one,if its your own looks like possibly a new router. Another way is instead of a reboot try swithing it of for a few minutes then on again.

  BT 08:17 31 Oct 2014

If you are connected to your WiFi network its not the Router at fault its the Modem. If you have a combined Router/Modem (Virgin/BT etc) the whole thing needs resetting. Switch it off and wait a few minutes then switch on again. If you have a separate modem check the connecting cable between your Router and Modem, and Modem to wall socket. Switch off the modem and wait a few minutes before switching on again and watch the lights to make sure they are working.

  alanrwood 08:24 31 Oct 2014

BT has it right. Your network is most likely OK but the connection from your router to the internet via the internal or external modem. Check the connection to the wall socket is OK. Switch EVERYTHING off for a couple of minutes then reboot the Modem/router and see if the Internet LED is lit correctly. Then reboot your computer and see if it now connects.

If not it is time to speak to your ISP tech support.

  onthelimit1 08:43 31 Oct 2014

May well be a winsock problem. Follow the sequence here. and see if that sorts it.

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