Configuring two ssd disks to make space for apps

  David Taylor 17:16 05 Feb 2018

I have a new Windows10 laptop which came with a 64gb ssd. On this is a 57gb partition C containing the OS and some apps that I have installed.

I purchased an additional separate 64gb ssd and this is installed and presently configured as a GPT basic drive.

I need more space on C: for further apps. My preference would be to have a single large volume using a striped or spanned configuration of the two disks. But since the OS is on disk 1, that disk cannot apparently be a dynamic disk and hence cannot create strip or span with disk 2. I cannot extend the C: partition over the second disk and cannot merge a partition from disk 2 into disk 1.

Installing apps, I am not given a choice of installation location, all want to go in C:.

So I seem to be stuck. Out of space on disk 1 C: but seemingly unable to utilise disk 2 except as a file storage location.

I can't believe that this is an unusual issue and it must only be my ignorance that prevents me seeing how to utilise my second ssd as space for further apps.

Can someone suggest how I should best proceed?

many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:00 05 Feb 2018

I suggest you move your user folders to the second SSD to make room

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