Computer won't go past splash screen

  VRush 11:12 23 Nov 2016

Hey, I use a windows 10 computer an just in the past 24 hours when before it was perfectly okay an working.

Getting to it an running through what happened I turn it on like regular although the splash screen stays up a lot longer than normal. It then shows a black screen which it does normally with that type letter flashing. It moves to windows 10 spinning loading screen then shows the login screen. What usually takes 30 seconds took 10 minuites. I go to log in with my password but it says it's incorrect. Nobody has been near the computer since it was turned off so I tried a few more times incase i typed it in wrong same issue. I restart it nothing I spent a time googling but no result I then type a password I havnt used on the pc since I changed it in 8 months it acepts it. This I found odd so after I think the problem is fixed this shows up "the user profile service failed the sign-in" I am already frustrated spending 2 hours restarting to find for some reason my old password works an this shows up.

I try it on safe mode same problem, I restart, I do the fix start up but fails an no changes is made. Leaving me to be stuck still. I try looking up for changing the register an get rid of the bad user account promting me to activeate the hidden admin which I've done before for others. Then sit as it gets ready for 30 mins for it to say critical error with the start up leaving me to sign out.

I go to send it back to a older save restoring it an can't do it an fails leaving no changes. Restart it try open it in safe again nothing. Each time restarting taking 10 mins. So I decide to boot it again this time send it to keep my files an reinstall windows 10 fails just like trying to restore it to a back up. I try to just clean it completely back to only windows 10 to get the same thing error of no changes.

After that whole mess the computer won't even boot up windows 10 at all I'm guessing when I try to reset it It broke it or whatever. So now it goes through the bio splash screen back to the black screen reboots restarts an repeats this indefinitely. The bios will open an everything giving it a while but nothing else. At the moment i am to annoyed to find more fixes for this issue since everythibf doesn't relate to the situation i am having so that's why I'm now here on my phone. Any help that can be given to fix this mess for me would be appreciated. But right now I'm calling the computers dead. Thanks in advance.

  Govan1x 12:09 23 Nov 2016

Try the old method of starting it for 7 seconds and then shutting down holding the start button for try that 3 or 4 times and some sort of repair should come up giving you different methods to try.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 23 Nov 2016

Boot to command prompt and run

chkdsk /f

then restart and see what happens.

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