Computer not powering up

  AustinCann 19:46 12 Jan 2012

Hello there, Very important question. Your could save my life and save my job. Please help me. 1) I recently designed a software application to run on a personal computer running windows 7 home premium. This computer has another monitor connected to it through vga cable. Everytime now I power it up, all I see on monitors is a message in blue in the centre of the screen saying" No signal". Well this is really what my customer has reported to me and I am going to look at the problem tomorrow. Customer knows basics about computers and I believe there could be something more technical for this behaviour and I want to list all issues which could cause this problem before I get there. Please help

Kind Regards Austin

  chub_tor 22:08 12 Jan 2012

From your description I am not sure exactly what you are saying. Is this one PC with two monitors connected to the same graphics card? If so it sounds as if the card itself could be faulty

  difarn 23:18 12 Jan 2012

Presumably the two monitors were fine before the software programme was launched.

Check the vga connection to the PC is secure first of all.

Try disconnecting the VGA cable when the PC is switched off to see if the primary monitor works. If it does then re-connect the VGA cable. Then you need to go into either Windows via display settings to set up and enable the secondary monitor or into the control panel for your graphics card to do the same.

You could also try updating the graphics card driver by going into Device Manager - just go to start and type this in.

  difarn 08:23 13 Jan 2012

Not sure whether you are actually saying that the PC appears to be dead? Is it making any noise at all? Is it a laptop that needs to "wake up" by pressing whichever button does that for the particular laptop?

Are you sure that the PC is actually being "powered up" properly. A simple trick is to remove your power cord and hold the "on" button for about 30 seconds to a minute and then re-connect the power cord and boot it back up.

  AustinCann 21:11 13 Jan 2012

Hello guys thanks for your answers. Let me explain what I have got here and what I did today.

I have an i3 pc installed with windows home premium. On display side, two monitors one connected to vga port and second through converter(I think HDMI). This system had worked fine whole year.

Today when I connected 230 V to PC, I saw text " No Signal" for about 7 seconds. It disappeared and there was nothing displayed on the monitors after that

I removed vga cables and connected to my laptop, both monitors worked with no issues.

I took off the cover of the pc to check if I could spot some problems. Both fans were working. I check cd rom by pressing eject button and its working fine too.

I finished for the day thinking Oh God! I chose to do software for pc's and I am struggling to turn the pc on. God Bless me. God Bless All.

Please help!

Thanks Austin

  difarn 21:49 13 Jan 2012

Are you saying that you checked both of the monitors from the 2nd PC on your laptop and they both work?

Have you tried just attaching one monitor back onto the 2nd PC and seeing if that works ok. If it does then you need to go through the process of installing a second monitor again.

Re-connect the 2nd Monitor

Then go to

Control Panel - Appearance - Display - Detect

Then identify which monitor is which - you should get the numbers 1 and 2. You will then be given the option to choose one as the primary monitor and should tick the box that says extend desktop to your second monitor.

This article gives you step by step instructions

You should also check to see if your display drivers are up to date in Device Manager.

  chub_tor 22:20 13 Jan 2012

It still sounds like a graphics card failure to me, if both the monitors work on a different machine and both were originally OK for a long time on the i3 PC and then suddenly stopped on boot up with a "NO Signal" failure it would point me to replace the card.

  AustinCann 13:46 14 Jan 2012

I have no problem in identifying the 2nd monitor provided it is detected in display settings but it wont let me get that far this time. I checked them individually to make sure there isn't a problem with the monitors and there isn't.

Now I think believing that the problem is with the graphic card and we should go ahead replacing it sounds a reasonable option. Would anybody mind telling me:

What do I need to replace graphic card? ( Drivers?, software? is this just the matter of going to Currys/PC World and ask for graphic card? and I hope it is then the matter of taking off the cover and unplugging and plugging the new one in? Is it? Or does it need special consideration and need to be done by expert.

What could be the reason for graphic card failing?

Really appreciate help from you all.

Kind Regards Austin

  difarn 14:51 14 Jan 2012

Can I just confirm that you don't have any signal on either monitor when individually attached to the PC to which two monitors were previously attached?

Have you tried removing the power cable and pressing and holding the "on" button on your PC for one minute then letting go - then connecting it back up and booting up?

Can be many reasons for graphic card failure - overload due to a power surge, overheating because fan not efficient, old age...

Assuming you have a desktop PC this article is very good at explaining the procedure of installing a new graphic card.

It is possible to remove the card if it is not an "on board type" to see if it needs a clean or reseating if it has become loose. If you do this you need to disconnect the PC from the wall and from the monitor. Read the instructions in the above article to avoid getting a shock.

  chub_tor 16:10 14 Jan 2012

If this machine has an i3 processor it almost certainly has PCIe graphics and if you want to go to PC World this is the type to look for. Unless you are a gamer you probably don't need to spend more than £50 to £60 and if you are running two monitors then get one with dual outputs. One">">One example here

  AustinCann 05:18 15 Jan 2012

@Difarn Can I just confirm that you don't have any signal on either monitor when individually attached to the PC to which two monitors were previously attached?

Yes that's right. I only ever had got no signal in the middle if when individually connected to faulty computer.

Have you tried removing the power cable and pressing and holding the "on" button on your PC for one minute then letting go - then connecting it back up and booting up?

Haven't tried it yet. What am I supposed to expect by holding the on button with the power cable off for one minute when pc is not plugged. What is it supposed to do?

@Chub_tor As I mentioned before, I found fans running very slowly. They are running but you cant even hear them. Fans seems to be very quiet. But they are running and cd-room is working too. Everything else seems to be dead.

Kind Regards Austin

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