computer not booting from ssd

  Peter Goddard 22:57 02 Mar 2019

About a year ago I installed an ssd in my computer and made it my main drive. I copied everything from my hdd and kept that in my pc as a second drive. Then around a week ago I turned my computer on and it booted from my old HDD drive. Inside Windows os I could open the ssd drive and check it with Samsung magician, which said that it was all working fine and was activated to be used as a main system drive. When I restarted the computer and entered boot options, it wouldn't let me boot from it. When I entered bios to change the boot priority it didn't show up in the list. A friend suggested that it could be the battery on the motherboard. I changed it with a new one and all of a sudden it started working fine and booted correctly. Then today I turned my computer on and again it booted from the hdd. It would only boot from the ssd after I had taken the battery out and put it back in. Checking the ssd again it all states that it is working correctly. I suspect that in a few days it will happen again and it will revert back to the hdd. Any ideas what's happening? Could it be a problem with a Windows update or something?

  PhillyG76 04:53 03 Mar 2019

I plan to do the same so will be looking for advice if I experience this problem. It sounds like the Bios is not holding its memory for some reason hence why the battery replacement was suggested. But there maybe some setting in your bios that you haven’t selected that needs to be changed. What is the HDD drive letter? (Eg. Most main drives are set as drive (C:), optical drives can be drive (D:). I wonder if there’s any settings that need changing on device manager? What Motherboard do you have! Because if you can’t find answers on here you could get in touch with the motherboard manufacturer and email them, or a lot like Asus also have forums. And also maybe the HDD manufacturer. This is a long shot, but also check the Bios is up to date, and like wise the HDD incase there was a previous concern with boot drives conflicting with each other. I doubt this would be the main cause, but any problems I have. I always make sure the drivers are the latest up to date ones and even Windows as well, as there is no cost, unless the latest releases are buggy but if that was the case they usually sort them quickly with another update. I hope someone can give you the definitive solution, but try emailing the M’BOard and HDD manufacturers for advice. Asus were very helpful for me.

  Bris 18:41 03 Mar 2019

Try loading optimised defaults in the BIOS. When you replace the battery the CMOS may still be in an unstable state until you load the defaults.

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