Computer freezing, need help finding the root!

  KaiZB 02:03 17 Apr 2016


So, I've been having this problem for a few months now, I initially gave up and hardly touched my computer for a couple of months but now I need it again so I'm here!

The problem started when my computer started to freeze randomly, it would lock up, the sound would just buzz and it would become completely unusable. No BSOD or anything like that, just a frozen screen. I then realised this was always only happening when I was watching a video online that was using flash player? I have no problem watching YouTube HTML-5 videos and Netflix is fine too (I'm not sure if that's flash or not?). Anything I go on using flash player video will last about 1 minute and then it will freeze forcing me to reboot.

I tried everything from completely removing flash and installing older versions, changing to Windows 10 then back to 8, made sure my drivers were up to date, everything I could think of. I'm experienced with computer software and competent with hardware but here I really am stumped. The ONLY time I have problems is when flash player is involved, I can play games, Photoshop etc. forever with no problems at all, but if I try to watch one minute of a video, it's gone.

Having come back to it to try and fix it again I am convinced it must be a hardware problem. On startup I have a 'memory configuration mismatch, press F1 to continue or F2 for setup' message. Could this be related to my problem?

Here are my specs (just let me know if you need any other information) -

Windows 8.1 Pro Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5345 @ 2.33Ghz 6.00GB (4GB usable) RAM << (having only just come back on this computer I'm sure I had 8GB RAM?) 250GB HDD AMD Radeon HD 6670

Thanks in advance.

  Press Man 12:39 17 Apr 2016

I presume that you have more than one stick of memory installed? Try removing all the ram, then put only one stick of ram back and see if things are okay. If it runs okay then put back another stick of ram and try again. This may help eliminate or confirm a ram issue? Sometimes if it is a ram issue removing and re-seating the ram can make things work?

  Svol 12:45 17 Apr 2016

If you have not already attempted, try disabling Hardware Acceleration In Adobe Flash Player. Info at:-

Disable Hardware Accleration in Flash Player - click here

  BRYNIT 14:04 17 Apr 2016

You say you went from win 8 to 10 then back to 8. As this could be anything from hardware to a conflict between software or drivers have you tried doing a clean install?

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