Computer does not boot (A2 ERROR)

  jimcarrybravcovypanenko 12:10 20 Jan 2018

Dear support,

firstly, i want to apologize, if i wrote this topic in the wrong section.

Today, i was installing an update to Fortnite (popular PC game). After 2 hours of installation, i decided to turn on Google Chrome. When I did so, whole computer freezed and i had to turn it off manually. After waiting few secs, I turned it on again, expecting a typical BIOS Screen and Windows after. But it didn´t happen.

I was stuck in BIOS loading. After few restars, i found a "A2" error message at the right bottom of the screen, before the BiOS loaded. I´ve done some quick research and i found, that it might be a HDD/SDD problem. So i tried mixing SATAs with HDD and SSD (My OS is still on HDD, i havent put it on SSD yet, altough the ssd is installed and working). When i used only empty SSD, it required a boot device. When didnt insert anything, it missed some map. But, when i plugged HDD (with my os) in, it wrote A2 message at the beginning and started loading BIOS. And with few restars it´s still loading for more than 4 hours. my best attempt was, when it started automatically repairing Particies.

But it didnt work after and just started booting again. What confuses me the most is, that my BIOS still recognize the HDD (1TB Seagate Barracuda). But after trying to boot, it just loads, loads, black screens, loads, crashes... I also tried clearing CMOS, replacing RAMs, but nothing really helped. My question is, is my HDD completely dead or its some another issue. Since i never had problems with my Hardware, i haven´t done any backup. In spite of that, i never thought, that HDD can just die in a second. Thank You for your help. jimC,

PS: HDD is not making any weird noises and its recognized by bIOS.

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