Computer apparently has NO DRIVES.

  N0vus_ 17:41 16 Jan 2017

This is gonna take quite a bit of explaining....

So my computer kinda died and, fearing the worst, I looked up some guides on how to fix the problem.

At first, the error message I got was; File:\Boot\BCD Status:0xc00000e9 Info: an unexpected I/O error has occurred

So, as the guide suggested, I tried to repair Windows 7 via USB (I don't have a disk drive) and it didn't work. There was no way to restore it at all, and reinstalling the OS didn't work, as I couldn't install it to any of the drives.

Another guide I read suggested that, when I get to the drive selection screen when installing Win 7, I should open the command box and mess around with that. I (semi)knew what I was doing, but when I exited the command window, no disks or partitions came up, even after several refreshes.

So I got back into the command window to find that my usb drive is now being read as C: by the computer.

I'm not sure what to do. Did I do something wrong? Is there a way to fix it?

Any advise would be appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:12 16 Jan 2017

first try make sure connections to hard drive are secure remove and refit to remake the connections - also check the connection at the motherboard.

  Burn-it 00:14 17 Jan 2017

Give up until you learn a bit more?? If you booted from a USB drive it will be drive C: The drive letters that are used are assigned at each boot and are NOT fixed.

  Archonar 08:30 17 Jan 2017

I'm not sure what your 'command box' guide told you to do so if this is repeating what you were already told then ignore it. Open the command prompt on the recovery drive again, and then type 'diskpart' and press enter. Type 'list disk' and press enter again, how many drives show?

  N0vus_ 10:11 17 Jan 2017

I tried checking my drives without my USB inserted, and apparently there are none.

  Archonar 10:40 17 Jan 2017

How did you check them? And have you unplugged them and plugged them back in again as was suggested by Fruit Bat?

  Jollyjohn 12:45 17 Jan 2017

What is listed in BIOS / Setup? If nothing listed here it is a hardware issue. Either the drive has failed or the motherboard has failed.

I would follow Fruit Bat's advice about checking connections and try with only a single hard drive connected.

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