Computer acting like it's running low on RAM?

  PortalBreaker 20:41 08 May 2018


I have this delicate issue where my computer has suddenly started acting like it's constantly running out of RAM/memory. I have really tried to recognize a pattern to its behavior, but I really cannot find it. Usually it happens when I use heavy programs, but not always. It's hard to explain, let me give an example. Let's say I launch a game through Steam… Dota 2 for example. This is rather RAM heavy obviously, so I guess it’s a good start. Firstly, the game will launch and everything will work fine. Not long after, the game will freeze completely, as if my RAM capacity was breached. A few seconds later, my entire PC will freeze. It will un-freeze after 3-6 minutes usually, but will go back to frozen right after. What is funny however is that if I have Skype or Discord open in the background when it freezes, I can still hear and speak with people, as the program itself works all fine. … Unless I start clicking around and hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL, then everything crashes completely. Now, this can also happen whenever I just browse using Chrome. Usually it starts with my internet connecting ending, and then my computer freezing up. It can also happen whenever I play a 1080p movie using VLC. Man… I don’t know why it has started acting like this… And yes, that’s the thing, this only started happening a few months back, and I have literally no idea why. I even bought a brand new SSD and more RAM, but to no avail. It sucks a lot that I just cannot pin point the problem… It's impossible for me alone to do this, no matter how many hours I've tried figuring it out. So please, if anything comes to mind, help me out here. I would hate to spend $100 just for someone to look at it and go "Oh your CPU is busted" or something like that.

I will add a Speccy link here so you all can view my rig. Thanks!!!

  wee eddie 21:18 08 May 2018

It sounds to me as though the fins of the heat exchanger, in the either the GPU or the CPU, are not able to do their job.

Could the airflow, between the fins, be restricted in any way?

  Menzie 23:22 08 May 2018

When the system crashes does it freeze or do you get a blue screen?

As suggested above, when last have the internals been cleaned?

How much memory do you have? What are your temps? Has anything been added to the system around the time this started happening?

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