Compatible USB Power Boost ?

  Dragon_Heart 22:08 24 Sep 2008

Windows Vista 'ReadyBoost' ( using a 'spare' USB stick to temp' boost the available RAM on your PC ) fad or use-able ( and useful ) addition to your Windows operating system ?

I must admit I have not yet grown to like Vista on our son's laptop ( 1 Gb ) and the idea appeared a little bit gimmicky but as I needed a larger USB stick and W H Smith had an offer on I got a Verbatim Store 'n' Go 2 GB and gave it a try.

The Store 'n' Go software was saved and the stick formatted & error checked.

Putting it into our son's laptop I was asked if wanted to use the 'ReadyBoost' function. It did however recommend it's used about 80% of the sticks capacity ? I reduced it down to about 1 Gb and started doing a simple task, the simplest one I could think of was Solitaire. The stick indicator light started to flash.

I borrowed a TEXET 4 Gb stick but that was incompatible.

Does anyone know of a list, official or not, of compatible USB sticks for 'ReadyBoost' ?

  MCE2K5 22:35 24 Sep 2008

ReadyBoost Q&A click here

List 1. click here=

List 2. click here

User Tests click here

  Dragon_Heart 22:56 24 Sep 2008

Thank you for the info :-)

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