compatible mouse?

  Jule 14:41 19 Nov 2008

I ave just bought a new mouse. I use vista home premium & need to know if this mouse is compatible (it doesn't mention vista on the reverse of the pack & i don't want to open the box in case i need to return it). The mouse is 'Targus Wireless Ergo Rechargable' I've looked on Targus website but can't find this exact mouse, i don't have the model number unfortunately. Can anyone help?

  MCE2K5 15:07 19 Nov 2008

If this click here is it, Then, Yes it's Vista Ready.

  Jule 15:48 19 Nov 2008

No that's not it, here is the link to where i bought it.
click here (I apologise if this isn't the correct way to add a link)

  a member 18:24 19 Nov 2008

Put your model number(should be underneath) in the search pane here: click here
and click on model details to find out.

  skidzy 19:39 19 Nov 2008

Its not Vista compatible as the spec goes,though you may find it will work fine in Vista.

A simple search through our friend Google finds several sites selling this mouse and the spec says all windows to xp.

  mooly 11:37 20 Nov 2008

I have found XP "only" often works fine. Vista finds the correct driver from it's built in store. In fact I ALWAYS try and use Vista's own drivers etc rather than any from supplied CD's etc.
Conversly I tried a new "Silvercrest" (Lidl) mouse which was Vista compatable and that would not work at all. Either on it's own or with the supplied software. Posted that on this forum and I was not alone so there is no guarantee either way.

  Jule 15:35 22 Nov 2008

Thanks for your advice, I tried this mouse & it didn't really work properly. But I don't like it anyway, I find it really uncomfortable to use! The reason I thought I needed a new one is because my Logitech Cordless Click Plus mouse has started behaving erraticly. The back button has stopped working and now I've noticed that it flickers and disappears altogether sometimes, but only when I first log onlinge (I use AOL & Vista). Does anyone know if this is a faulty mouse or could it be something else?

  mooly 19:03 22 Nov 2008

Good chance it's the mouse. It's usually the scroll wheel I wear out !!
Don't go online, just see if it plays up whizzing around pictures and stuff.
Look out for bargains, the "Trust" ones are pretty good I have found. Just plug and play even though they say X.P. and no Vista. Vista finds the correct drivers anyway ( usually ).

  Tim1964 00:24 25 Nov 2008

I tried the TRUST MI 2540D mouse with Vista and even though it had "Vista Compatible" in big letters on the box it wouldn't work.

Vista would 'find new hardware/install drivers' and then pop up an error message.

Even contacting Trust didn't help as they said it 'should' work and they suggested a few things to try but to no avail.

  mooly 19:17 25 Nov 2008

Mines the MI-4530P. I also have a Bluetooth Trust mouse that was great until a Windows Bluetooth update killed it. I could prove it by restoring back and it worked everytime. I hid the update but it eventually seemed to get incorporated into other updates and that was that. Never got it to work since.

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