Compaq presario windows Vista no passwd no disc

  Guest 1234512770 00:35 06 Aug 2018

Compaq Predation Windows Vista No password, no disc, no nothing. And even less in the category of helpful answers

  wee eddie 00:58 06 Aug 2018

Best place for a Vista PC is the skip.

  wiganken2 08:47 06 Aug 2018

Has the OP asked a question or for help? I can't see the reason for the thread. Is it a spammer?

  Forum Editor 09:49 06 Aug 2018

Compaq Predation?

  Pablo de Catio 10:18 06 Aug 2018

The poster does say it is a

Compaq presario

In the posting header.

  lotvic 10:36 06 Aug 2018

It's been a (long while) since niece had one, I'd made a note at the time:

  1. Shutdown the pc

  2. Remove any extra hardware that you've connected

  3. Start up the pc and immediately keep tapping the F11 key

  4. Recovery Manager will launch

  5. Choose from the options 'System Recovery' and follow the prompts

  6. If you have any files you want to keep select 'Backup your files first' and connect an external device to back them up to, follow the wizard prompts

  7. Click 'Next' to start the recovery process

with any luck this might work for yours.

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