comp wont resume from sleep

  Green Army 01:35 23 Apr 2010

when i leave the computer for a while and it goes in to sleep mode i am having trouble getting back to the desktop. what happens is the desk top shows but all my mouse functions freeze, sometimes i can push Ctrl+Alt+del Followed by cancel and it will restart sometimes it wont so i have to do a hard reset which is a pain.

  kristain 06:18 23 Apr 2010

Have you tried F8 to see if you get an options menu? Sleep mode is generally a hybrid mode, where initially it goes into a low power state and retains memory with a small current, later saving to the hiberfil and shutting down. Have you somehow changed the power settings in the BIOS? What options are available on your
system and what have you set?

  Green Army 07:41 23 Apr 2010

i have got it to Balanced with default settings on the power plan. the only other setting is power save, bios has not been touched at all

  Technocrate 07:46 25 May 2010

Hi again all, thanks for the v quick replies.

I have tried the power button which used to work in XP but doesn't now. I have also tried every button on the keyboard and mouse. I updated the Nvidia driver yesterday to the latest.

Power settings

Top level=Balanced
Turn off display=30 mins
Put comp to sleep=5 hours (changed to stop it sleeping)
Turn off HDD after 30mins
Wireless Adapter =max performance
Allow hybrid sleep=on
Allow wake timers=enable
USB sleective suspend=Enabled
Power button action=Shut down
Sleep button=Do nothing (I don't have one)
PCI Express=moderate power savings

Think that's all the relevant ones. I know the BIOS sleep is set to auto and I think manual options available are S1 or S3. I'm not home at the moment. I am remoted in but of course can't check BIOS.
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  tootiefrootie 07:51 25 May 2010

control panel-> power options-> look for something that says "require password on wake up"... or something similar and uncheck that box...go through all the tabs there..

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  ronalddonald 18:45 24 Jun 2010

then give it a good bashing

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