CNCS232.dll missing

  conrail 16:14 29 Nov 2012

Hi guys, just reinstalled win 7 with recovery discs, tried to install game but get the message: CNCS232.dll is missing, googles CNCS232.dll but get lots of advice, mainly about downloading programs to repair and install CNCS232.dll, don't know which is best, can you advise me please in installing CNCS232.dll, many thanks

  difarn 20:53 29 Nov 2012

You may find this article useful - particularly point number 7.

  conrail 20:25 30 Nov 2012

thanks difarn, followed the instructions on link but still dll is missing, have registered with their forum and posted query, I appreciate you help, many thanks

  difarn 14:12 01 Dec 2012

I came across this rather long-winded approach via a windows 7 forum that you may want to tackle.

  conrail 15:42 01 Dec 2012

thanks difarn, gone through all of that, restarted my pc after the command line stated: Windows resource Protection did not find any integrity violations; in the windows/system 32 folder there is no mention of fcdetails.txt in number 7 there is the option of the command line; copy C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\framework\abc.dll C:\windows\system32\abc.dll received the message that The System cannot find the file specified.

  difarn 16:52 01 Dec 2012

Do you have your original windows 7 disk? If so you could consider extracting the missing .dll files - article here explains.

  conrail 20:56 01 Dec 2012

sorry difarn, I have a recovery partition (D) but opening that just gives me a warning that the partition contains files used to perform a system recovery but I cannot view the files

  difarn 09:10 02 Dec 2012

OK - have you made sure that all of your drivers are up to date? You say that you got the warning when trying to install a game - I came across this comment:-

"cncs232.dll is the Multimedia Fusion Library provided by Europress Software and IMSI to provide multimedia support for their games"

Is it possible that you have another game that could be installed that may possibly provide the missing .dll?

You are right to be cautious about downloading one from the many sites that have popped up following a search as it could very well be spyware.

  lotvic 12:43 02 Dec 2012

If you don't have a w7 dvd you need to burn your own to use for repairs etc.

Go to Heidoc's W7 Microsoft Direct Download Links page and choose English(USA) (in the second panel) W7 Service Pack 1 Media Refresh (SP1 U) for your version.

This is an .iso image file, Burn to DVD with free Imgburn program or any other that supports burning of .iso files.

  conrail 20:18 02 Dec 2012

thanks difarn, I have one old europress game, Rally, for windows 95 and 3.1, installed that but still get the mising dll message, thanks lotvic, trying that, not sure which my system is; x64 or x86, I just know I have windows 7 home premium sp1 64bit so set both to download, just wait about 25 mins for one and 40 mins for the other

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