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  pk46 18:29 13 Nov 2013

I have a CMOS error I am unable to resolve I have changed the battery 3 times I have changed the graphic card and reset the clock and day and date to no avail, On boot up I get 2 short bleeps and the motherboard splash screen will a appear every think is ok till it reaches COMOS then it's CMOS ERROR. The computer is a Acer Aspire M5201 Desktop.

  woodchip 18:37 13 Nov 2013

CMOS is the BIOS chip, it may be a BIOS virus there are still some about. or faulty chip. You could try a new chip or BIOS update

  Newuser4165 19:32 13 Nov 2013

Could it be a faulty memory module?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:47 15 Nov 2013

Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord (on notebooks remove all batteries).

Press and hold the Power On/Off button (PC-Case)for 30 seconds to discharge the motherboard condensers.

Remove the CMOS battery battery (coin cell).

Move the CMOS-Jumper to its clear-position (read your motherboard manual to find the jumper).

Wait a minimum of 30 seconds.

Return the CMOS-Jumper back to its default position.

Replace the CMOS battery battery (coin cell).

Plug in the power cord (on notebooks insert all batteries).

Turn ON the computer, enter the BIOS-Setup and load the "Setup Defaults/Optimized Settings".

Save the BIOS settings (F10) and restart the computer.

No success? Repeat the above.

  woodchip 19:04 15 Nov 2013

Or chuck it

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