C'm on, all that can't be free

  eoinrua 05:52 09 Mar 2008

Hi to all my friends in Windows XP and Vista Land.

Sorry I've been away from the forum for so long but I've been having so much fun with Linux that I haven't had timne to post. Apologies again.

Anyway, I suppose you all want to know what I've been up to?

Well, I'be been so tied up trying out so many great state-of-theart distros that I've lost all track of time. And you know what?

Yep, they're all free. Every single one of themn.

Gosh, 3D windows effects have kept me so busy in ubuntu. All those spinning cubes have left me dizzy.

So little time, so many free desktops.

Alsmost sinful, isn't it.

You know, right now I'm running Xubuntu on an old box. It's a lower-spec Linux distro that'll bring the best out of seriously-challenged hardware.

When you can get all this for free, why would you want to spend money on software?

I just don't get some people.

But hey, guys, I haven't been totally honest up till now. I'm actually running DamnSmallLinux on an old Dell. Like lightning, it is.

It runs in 50Mb. Not bad, I reckon. (Remind me, what does Vista need?)

And tomorrow, just for fun, you know, I'll give DeLi Linux a try. Seems it can even run on a 486 with about 38Mb.

And all this for free? How do they do it?

Don't know about you, but I'm thinking LInux makes sense.

Guys, catch you all next week....loads of Linux love and kisses till then.

Same time, same place!

  tullie 07:51 09 Mar 2008

In answer to the first question,the answer is No

  Forum Editor 09:05 09 Mar 2008

on your exciting life.

  skidzy 10:31 09 Mar 2008

Im a Linux newbie and do have a play when i have time and to be honest when i can be bothered to learn something new to me Lol.

Los is the one ive been playing with for a while,but my long term goal is to install a small but basic Linux application onto socket 478's that i rebuild for friends and deprived families with very little money.
Cutting out the cost of windows is my number one priority as of course this brings down the cost of the machine.

I only get these up and running with basic needs,Email/Internet/cd burning etc.

Only real problem im having is teaching myself and those who receive these computers how to actually use Linux.

As PCLinuxOS 2007 is the nearest ive seen to windows and find it better for hardware configuration,this is the route i hope to take.

Ive had some excellent advice from certain forum members and has helped me along considerably.

I think my next venture will be to try the DamnSmallLinux and see how this recognises the hardware that will be involved.

Looking forward to your next post.

  tullie 14:05 09 Mar 2008

Personnely im not keen on what can be described as spam

  Jake_027 14:16 09 Mar 2008

"In answer to the first question,the answer is No"

Lmao :D

  skidzy 14:51 09 Mar 2008

come on ! i would not class this as spam,just general informative information of whats availble with Linux.

There are lots of us who are trying different Linux distro's and look forward to the recommendations.

After all,it may well help in this forum at times.Yes we know its mainly MS Windows based,but hey...a free os cant be all that bad.

  mrwoowoo 16:02 09 Mar 2008

How could i possibly find time for Linux when iv'e spent all my time wondering what youv'e been up to.

  mrwoowoo 16:19 09 Mar 2008

Free desktops!
Er,is that it then?
Oh well,back to call of duty 4 and crysis while you struggle to tear yourself away from your spinning desktop to play KMahjongg.
(Well it is the number one free linux game)

  belfman 16:47 09 Mar 2008

"Hi to all my friends in Windows XP and Vista Land."

I was going to comment but alas I'm excluded because he used the term "friends".

I'll refrain from making a comment about Linux fanboys thinking they're better than every other computer user and it's probably those fanboys that put me off going near Linux in the first place.

  skidzy 17:01 09 Mar 2008

Looks like a debateable thread brewing up Lol...

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