Cloned hard drive fails to boot

  MIKE. 16:53 05 Dec 2013

I have just cloned my 500 GB Toshiba 2.5 inch hard drive with a 1TB WD Mainstream. The programme used to clone was Macrium Reflect which seemed to go OK. The problem I have is the cloned drive will not boot but goes into memory test which tells all is well when you reboot just repeats the test. Does anyone have any idea where to go next. I do not have a spare 2.5 drive to prove the drive is faulty. HELP

  lotvic 18:53 05 Dec 2013

Is the clone 1TB WD a 2.5 inch drive and you have put it in laptop in place of the 500 GB Toshiba drive?

How did you have the drive connected when you made the clone?

  MIKE. 20:05 05 Dec 2013

Many thanks lotvic for replying to my question. I used the 500 GB to boot the laptop and the 1TB was in a caddy via a USB lead. I then used Macrium Reflect to clone.

  lotvic 20:58 05 Dec 2013

Windows 7, did you choose the separate small active 100mb boot partition (if present) as well as the C: partition to clone to new harddrive?

The steps to clone are click here you need to remove your original C: from the laptop and replace it with your new WD clone that will now become the C: drive.


  MIKE. 08:24 11 Dec 2013

Hi lotvic many many thanks for your assistance my problem is now solved I think my problem was due to me copying the first small partition then the main partition in that order which did not work. I decided to copy the C: drive first then the small partition all now ok. Again many thanks for your help.

  alanrwood 19:40 11 Dec 2013


Does the program allow you to clone the Drive rather than the partition, in which case it should surely have cloned it correctly in the correct order.

  lotvic 00:01 12 Dec 2013

alanrwood, yes you're right it does - according to the tutorial link in my post.

  mole1944 07:19 12 Dec 2013

Go to the WD site free Acronis program (You have to have a WD drive attached onto your system to use it) use the clone option job sorted, easy peasy

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