clock speed

  conrail 16:05 14 May 2009

running vista home premium 64 bit with 4gb RAM, have downloaded and trying tweak vi and under cpu information it says current clock speed 1050Mhz, maximum clock speed 2100Mhz, status OK, will it benefit me in increase my clock speed? if so how can I do it? all advice gratefully accepted

  bremner 20:36 18 May 2009

Most of these systems vary the speed of the CPU depending on what it actually needs i.e it saves power and reduces heat when running at full speed is not required and would make no processing difference.

I would leave it well alone.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:45 18 May 2009

As bremner said, CPU, FSB and RAM settings are generally better left alone, however, there are some well tried and tested methods of overclocking that can yield some significant performance gains. They do however depend on exactly what hardware you have in your PC.

If you can post back some info then it will give a better idea of what may be possible. If your PC has been bought from the likes of Dell, HP or similar then any overclocking is not likely to be possible.

Need to know:

Motherboard make and model
RAM type and frequency (e.g ddr2, ddr3; 800mhz, 1300mhz)
CPU model
power supply wattage
If your CPU cooler is standard or aftermarket.

Note: if your PC is under warranty, any overclocking will likely viod it.

  conrail 09:25 19 May 2009

thanks bremner and OTT_Buzzard, could download a program and find info OTT_Buzzard but pc is under warranty so think I will leave alone, just wondered because pc is quad processor but sometimes it appears slow and when opening a web page, cannot open anything else until page opens, it is 4 months old

  OTT_Buzzard 10:19 19 May 2009

Try putting a post with your symptoms in to the Helproom section of the forum. There's lots of people who may be able to suggest ways to speed things up for you :)

  conrail 11:04 19 May 2009

thanks OTT_Buzzard, I will try that

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