Clients laptop lots of win 10 issues

  martd7 14:42 07 Mar 2018

One of my clients has a Toshiba laptop,celeron processor,4gb ram,500gb drive,it's 5yrs old came with Win7 but he's upgraded to the free Win 10 about a year ago.

The laptop has slowed considerably the last few months, he only has 40gb free on hard drive,ive run Disc clean up it recovered 200mb,and Ccleaner 450mb

I've noticed there are no restore points created and asking it to create one results in a blue spinning circle,I suspect the hard drive space is taken up with a Windows 7back up that I found but that doesn't delete either,blue spinning circle

Any help much appreciated

  beeuuem~2 16:03 14 Mar 2018

The W7 backup will have been created when W7 was installed and running. It won't show in Disk clean-up because, as far as W10 is concerned, it is just a valid storage file.

You could run Eraser portable from a flash drive to remove the file click here

  martd7 17:20 14 Mar 2018

Thought it was created to be used if the operator didn't like Windows 10 he could revert back to Windows 7

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:26 14 Mar 2018

the windows old folder created during upgrade to 10 originally lasted 30days before automatically being wiped, the Major updates also create a windows .old folder that now only lasts 10 days.

The old win 7 recovery folder is now so outdated you might as well delete it. Best and safeset way of backing up is IMHO by image to an external drive.

  martd7 17:48 14 Mar 2018

Fruit bat been trying,see my post,im unable to delete the back up

The client doesn't want to return to windows 7 he just wants it off his laptop

  martd7 17:52 14 Mar 2018


Thanks that's something to try

  alanrwood 19:18 14 Mar 2018

As beeuuem~2 says the Win 7 restore files are completely redundant and should be deleted. It is not a backup file it is a reinstall file which is now useless and taking up space for no reason.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:21 14 Mar 2018

Try unlocker

  martd7 20:34 14 Mar 2018

Thanks all for suggestions

Fruitbat- note were not encouraged to download install anything on a clients device in case our attempt at rectifying the problem makes it worse,im trying to avoid installing anything,Beeuums idea may work,but I would have thought there was some workaround for this

  beeuuem~2 23:53 14 Mar 2018

The suggestion from Fruit Bat /\0/\ is much more appropriate although sill available in a portable version from click here

  martd7 12:18 15 Mar 2018

Thanks FB and Beeuem2

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