Clients laptop lots of win 10 issues

  martd7 14:42 07 Mar 2018

One of my clients has a Toshiba laptop,celeron processor,4gb ram,500gb drive,it's 5yrs old came with Win7 but he's upgraded to the free Win 10 about a year ago.

The laptop has slowed considerably the last few months, he only has 40gb free on hard drive,ive run Disc clean up it recovered 200mb,and Ccleaner 450mb

I've noticed there are no restore points created and asking it to create one results in a blue spinning circle,I suspect the hard drive space is taken up with a Windows 7back up that I found but that doesn't delete either,blue spinning circle

Any help much appreciated

  alanrwood 16:09 07 Mar 2018

Use the disk cleanup tool from File explorer to get rid of any "windows.old" files.

  martd7 16:44 07 Mar 2018

Alan Rwood

Thanks but as in my post I ran the disc clean up tool

  beeuuem~2 18:07 07 Mar 2018

Have you run a disk analyser such as click here or click here to determine what is taking up the drive space?

  martd7 18:38 07 Mar 2018

Thanks,but as it's not my laptop we are encouraged not to install any programs unless absolutely necessary,client agreed to having Ccleaner installed so I'd rather not install any other programs

  alanrwood 18:53 07 Mar 2018

Sorry, I need new specs, should have gone to Specsavers.

  beeuuem~2 19:39 07 Mar 2018

If you download the portable version from the drop down click here it will run from a flash drive without being installed on the laptop.

  martd7 22:53 07 Mar 2018


Thanks I will use that program

  martd7 18:46 08 Mar 2018


Thanks for the info,I've been unable to remove the windows 7back up,when I run the disk cleanup tool it doesn't even show up,I right clicked on the back up but that just resulted in a blue spinning circle,I haven't run SFC I didn't have enough time but it's something else I can try next time I meet up with the client

I know seems bit strict but we're not allowed to advise on upgrades in case it leads to that person upgrading the pc and seeing no improvement,we just have to do what we can until there's a definite hardware problem

  martd7 15:35 14 Mar 2018

To update you all on the issues

The windows 7 back up file is taking up 29gb of space,still using safe mode and running disk clean up couldn't find the Windows 7 back up,so ive been unable to help the client with this

Also ive run sfc /scannow which found no problems

I have recovered 9gb,the client had a folder with media content in which he didn't need anymore but I would still ask if anyone has an idea why the Windows 7 back up file doesn't show up using the disc clean up tool?

  beeuuem~2 16:03 14 Mar 2018

The W7 backup will have been created when W7 was installed and running. It won't show in Disk clean-up because, as far as W10 is concerned, it is just a valid storage file.

You could run Eraser portable from a flash drive to remove the file click here

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