Clicking is not working/weird click behavior

  FabrizioBS 23:05 14 Jun 2017

Well I think I should list what's happening and what I have tried.

1-If I left click or right click a tab on "Chrome" it will close instead of switching to it. 2-If I hover the cursor over the taskbar for example, it won't highlight any programs in it. 3-I can't interact with most programs by clicking, but I can interact with them using tab and enter for example. 4-Sometimes I can only interact properly with "Discord" , but can't even click on programs on the desktop.

What I tried: 1-If I turn down my computer and turn it on again after some time it will work again, but will start acting weird again after a few minutes/hours. 2-Tried a different mouse , even changed the usb entrance (no difference) 3-Used the "move mouse using keyboard" thing, but it does exactly the same thing, even if I'm moving and clicking with the keyboard.

I'm using a desktop computer, with windows 10.

  FabrizioBS 07:46 15 Jun 2017

Oh well, I found a friend and I think he solved it. Still have to use it some more to be sure.

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