Clean out a PC before disposal

  leogrance 13:39 15 Jan 2018

Having just bought an HP Laptop from Pc World its defective. Question is. How do I Clean out all the info that was recovered from my old PC. Not to PC Literate so it needs to be simple and free.# Thanks.

  Matt. 19:12 15 Jan 2018
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:19 16 Jan 2018

Even after a rest data may be recoverable by some recovery programs.

after resetting download and install the free CCleaner and use it to wipe free space

it will take a while but will ovewrite all the free space on the drive and render recovery programs useless

  mole44 10:55 17 Jan 2018

Go get yourself an external case and use it as a spare,you can them format it from your new machine.

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