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Clean install of Windows 10

  BRYNIT 21:50 12 Aug 2015

I have several family computers to upgrade to Windows 10 and always prefer to do a clean install before doing a backup of the drive. So apart from installing the Windows 10 update over the original OS. Using a product key finder like pkeyui to find the New product key generated by the update and then doing a clean install using this product key. Apart from this long-winded solution has anyone fond a quicker way to do a clean install.

  Forum Editor 23:03 12 Aug 2015

Microsoft has confirmed that anyone who installs Windows 10 via the free upgrade offer will subsequently be able to perform a clean install on the same machine if they wish.

The company hasn't yet explained how this should be done however, although it has said that further details will follow soon.

  alanrwood 08:49 13 Aug 2015

After updating to Win 10 I ran Belarc which gave me a product key however running "Retrieve Product Key" gave an entirely different one so I am confused.I will try this one when I get back home to my Win 10 machines.

  BRYNIT 12:22 13 Aug 2015

rdave13 a Product key finder does work and the new product key does allow a clean install of Windows 10.

After a further search it seems that at this time you do need to upgrade your original activated OS to Win10, this allows Windows 10 to create a new Product key and allowing it to be activated. You can then use a product key finder and use this newly created Product key on a clean install. A bit long winded but once you have the Product key it will save having to install two OS's. I just hope I remember where I have put the Windows 10 Product key if I ever need to replace my HD.

  Forum Editor 17:34 13 Aug 2015


"a Product key finder does work and the new product key does allow a clean install of Windows 10."

There is no product key for the key finder to find.It might find a number, but it isn't a product key - run the key finder on my laptop, and will find the same number as yours.

Microsoft has finally done away with conventional product keys as far as downloaded versions of Windows 10 are concerned (although you'll still get one if you buy a physical DVD version). What happens now is that once the download installer has finished, and Windows 10 is activated on the MS activation server it creates what MS call a "Digital Entitlement". This allows you to reactivate the same edition of Windows 10 on the same machine in the future. The entitlement will be valid provided you don't make major changes to the hardware configuration - swapping the motherboard, for instance.

You'll be OK if you just want to change that Hard drive in the future, but make sure you get a Windows install image first. If you run into a wall, call the Microsoft activation people - all this 'Entitlement' stuff is a very new concept, and I bet there will be glitches along the way.

Otherwise, we can all say goodbye to Windows product keys forever.

  BRYNIT 23:28 13 Aug 2015

Forum Editor

"There is no product key for the key finder to find. It might find a number, but it isn't a product key - run the key finder on my laptop, and will find the same number as yours".

I Have just installed Windows 10 On two different computers. Using pkeyui it has found what seems like 5 groups of 5 letters/numbers which looks to me like a "product key" These number/letters are not the same as the original OS Product key and the two computers have totally different sets of Number/letters from each other so I cannot see how you could say the numbers found on your laptop would be the same as the numbers on my computer.

  sharpamat 08:02 14 Aug 2015

During the upgrade you should get 3 choices Save your Files , Save files and App Do not save which I have always understood this to mean will leave a full empty OS ie Clean install As the downloads are only for upgrading the can and will use your existing licence key If you buy a full version once they become available you should get a new key with it

  BRYNIT 17:56 14 Aug 2015

rdave13, After thinking about it I may have install both computers from within windows using a USB drive and did a clean install after I had obtained the relevant 25 digit/letter code from within the upgrade.

Forum Editor, After thinking about what you had typed you could be partly right. Some computer come with Windows pre-installed and us what could be a generic code embedded in the bios chip specific for that Manufacturer/motherboard any computer using this way of activating the OS would more than likely have the same number/letter code created after upgrading to Windows 10. Anyone who has installed there own copy of windows and not use the code in the bios chip would therefore have an individual code that could be classed as a product key.

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