clean install with only a upgrade disc

  sunnystaines 20:32 09 Oct 2009

with only one optical drive, how would i do a clean install.

with upgrade versions i have always had a disc in each drive to be on hand if asked for prev disc.

or is there a way of doing a superfast switch over in the dvd drive.

  Condom 21:50 09 Oct 2009

I had this problem in the past when upgrading Win 95 to Win 98. What I found was that Microsoft only needed the older disk for a few seconds to confirm you had one and then carried on installing Win 98.

You only had to take the new disk out and install the old one for a minute or so before reverting to the new one.

I can see no reason why that will not be the case upgrading to Win 7 or at least I hope not because that is what I expect to be doing nearer the end of this month.

  sunnystaines 09:04 10 Oct 2009


  mooly 17:54 11 Oct 2009

Might be misunderstanding the question but if it's anything like Vista this works perfectly as I have done it :)

click here

  sunnystaines 18:26 11 Oct 2009

that link looked very useful but got lost on point 26 "update WEI" the link just went to a forum? any idea what WEI is please.

link saved to favorites.

  mooly 18:30 11 Oct 2009

WEI = windows experience index "thingy", goto control panel, system and click "update score" or "rate computer" or whatever it's called.
click here

If you don't, it doesn't offer Aero and things as it defaults to a base score of 1.

  mooly 18:38 11 Oct 2009

In the upgrade guide the "vital bit" for a 100% clean install is the tiny option in steps 13 and 14 to let the install disk format the C drive. If you don't and have a previous OS installed you don't get quite as clean an install, there is a "windows old" file left over in program files.

It works a treat, no problem validating windows, and the improvement in boot times of a clean install is amazing, around 1 min 8 secs on a good day all up and running, sidebar, Aero etc.

May I suggest you give Microsofts security essentials a try as well, it has no impact on resources unlike every other security package I have ever come across.

  sunnystaines 18:38 11 Oct 2009

another handy tip thanks.

I thought of that but ruled it out as I could not think how a score could affect the install.

  mooly 18:39 11 Oct 2009

You welcome... are you waiting for the postman to deliver your shiny windows 7 DVD :)

  sunnystaines 18:43 11 Oct 2009

yes used a voucher that was in an oem vista on my last build. had an email from ms a few days ago saying it will be dispatched soon.

  mooly 18:57 11 Oct 2009

That sounds like me with Vista 2.5 years ago.
You won't regret a clean install, and also if you use Acronis you can just image your current set up and pop it on the D partition (just in case you have a problem... not that you will I'm sure) so you can always restore back to it untill you 100% happy with it all. The install and format of the C partition doesn't touch the D drive unless you start resizeing it.
Also put all the drivers for W7 (and Vista !) on a USB stick, it makes it all so easy. I kept getting asked to install a "co processor driver" by Vista and the item was flagged in device manager. Hadn't a clue what it was. It turns out it wanted "NVidia chipset drivers" for the motherboard, although it all worked. Another one, "Mass storage device", turned out to be the card reader.
Just put every driver you can find from the manufacturer onto USB and you'll be fine.

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