Clean & Re-install

  Glowman 07:18 11 Sep 2011

I have a dell 5000 as my main computer 6 months ago I had W7 PUT ON NOT AN UP-GRADE i BOUGHT THE RETAIL PACK. A month ago the whole thing slowly detereated to w7 whuch is very slow, its been getting worse as time goes on, I put on stepzilla it fiund 5 Trojons which I got rid of, that improve the slow ness but I still get things like can't get on the internet or if I am on it willjust crash, it types words that are not there it switches from lower case to cap's with out being being told to. So I considered a clean out and re-install, which I have no idea how to do so, I thought I would ask someone to give me step by step instructions for clean out and a re-install,I have infact already done a back up of all I want to keep. Then this morning a friend rang me and said have you tried running in safe mode, so he gave me the instruction Press F8 and switch on the comouter and then move to open Safemode with Internet I did this and kow and behold

it's perfect exccept of i'm running safe , now does that matter of is there a way to switch it back to the normal mode or should I still go ahead with aclean & re-install.

  Pineman100 16:32 11 Sep 2011

Before you resort to a reinstall, there are several other things that you can try.

First, have you tried using System Restore to roll your computer back to a point before the problems started? You won't lose any data, but you might get rid of the original problem - just make sure that you choose a restore point before the date/time when the problem first cropped up.

If you have trouble running System Restore in normal mode, restart your computer in Safe Mode and run it from there.

I suggest you watch this video before you use System Restore.

  Glowman 17:46 11 Sep 2011

Hi, Thank you for your suggestion, but I have tried that, I nrsly lost it all doing that but I somehow got it all back.

  Pineman100 17:24 12 Sep 2011

Can you be a bit more specific about what happened? "Nearly lost it all but somehow got it back" isn't too much help in diagnosing the problems.

Exactly what did you do and exactly what happened?

There are still things we can try before resorting to a reinstallation of Windows.

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