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  Mary_S 20:39 25 Dec 2008

Dear All,
A couple of months ago I bought an Advent laptop which a few days later i refunded. Reason being, my hard disk became corrupted and it was recommended by Norton to perform a Vista check disk. As, the hard drive is being in used, Vista aks you to schedule it for the next time the system boots and it will perform the scan then. However, it failed to do so and instead of performing a scan it would load up windows as normal. I exchanged the model, but that one had the same model. I then refunded it on th ebasis that this Advent model was just dodgy.

However, I bought the following laptop yesturday click here=.

Not an advent, but a high spec Hewlett Packard, and for peace of mind I attempted to perform a check disk, and guess what same problem as the Advent model.

Even when a check disk is scheduled for reboot, upon reboot it does nothing just loads up as normal.
I done some research online and its been said that sometimes this will happen when the autochk.exe file is corrupted or Bootexecuet value is incorrect.
They recommended you do restore first of all, and if that does not work use command prompt to fix up some values.

But all these instructions are based on that file being corrupted. Both these machines are brand new, so there should be no corruption.

Can anyone advice me on this please?
Its very frustrating buying brand new machines and having these problems.

Im a bit reluctant to follow those steps in the article to fix the problem yet, as on my new laptop there is no disk corruption yet, and just worried that I may make things worse, when theres a chance i may not need to perform a disk check.

I've come across other forums where quite a few people are having this problem, so I doubt its the machine but the way Vista was installed.

What shall I do?

  Mary_S 20:44 25 Dec 2008

click here

This was the article i was reading.

  Mary_S 21:36 25 Dec 2008

I gave it one last shot it suddenly performed the check disk. I don;t know why. I did exactly the same thing as I did before, and it just worked this time. Im not going to bother checking it again, until I have to next time. For now, just pretend everything is working fine. You spend all this money, and you have problems before you even use it properly. XP was so much better then Vista.

Thanks anyways

  mooly 07:21 27 Dec 2008

You say it's a brand new Laptop ? Performing checks like this should be the last thing you need to do. Is it fully patched and up to date with all updates installed ? SP1 ?
XP better than Vista -- It's because you have got used to it, that's all, IMO Vista is much the better OS.

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