Changing Motherboard, CPU. Can I use the same SSD

  AZZATRU 19:18 19 Feb 2016

Hi I'm building my first computer. I have Windows 10 on an SSD from my current PC. I just got a new Mobo, CPU (different chipset to my current build). I just purchased a Windows 10 key ready to activate it but unsure if I can just take out my SSD with Windows on and add it in my new system without any issues. I think I need to remove driver? Some people have said I can just unplug my SSD and use it in my new PC but others say I have to format and it is really confusing me. I'm not sure so any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks!

  alanrwood 19:35 19 Feb 2016

Unfortunately you will probably experience problems. There are many motherboard specific drivers which will not be on the SSD and it might not work. By far the best option is to reinstall from scratch to ensure that all the correct drivers for your motherboard are installed during the installation of Win 10. There is always the chance that doing as you suggest might work but why take the chance of failure.

  AZZATRU 19:51 19 Feb 2016

Thanks for the reply! What steps do I need to take to format my SSD what I am currently using and what how can I make my USB work on a new boot up as it has wIN10 on it?

  alanrwood 20:18 19 Feb 2016

You can treat the SSD in exactly the same way that you would treat a normal spinner HDD.

To create a USB install media I suggest you download the MS Media Creation Tool which will produce either a DVD or a USB of the very latest version of Win 10. You can then install Win 10 using this. If your current build has Win10 on it and it has shown as "Activated" then the new install will recognise this and automatically activate it.

If you want a bit more info specific to SSD go to my web site at and look at the 3 files that are downloadable.

  AZZATRU 20:22 19 Feb 2016

Thanks for your help! I've never formatted before so could you give me some advice on how I can format my SSD please? :) as I said I am using it now and someone said I can't format it like that or something. Thanks!

  robin_x 22:15 19 Feb 2016

Are you scrapping the old PC or putting a new hard drive in that? If so, you need to clone the SSD to new drive first.

  wee eddie 22:26 19 Feb 2016

Remember that Formatting destroys all the information on the drive. Save what you need to keep before you start

  rdave13 23:02 19 Feb 2016

If it's a new modern motherboard then you will need to format the SSD. You should have all the info of the motherboard with drivers on a disc showing if it is UEFI setup and not BIOS. If the new board runs UEFI then you need to convert the SSD to GPT. UEFI runs on a minimum 4 partitions.

On your old PC did you keep the old sata drive as spare WITHOUT FORMATTING? If you did reinstall physically to the machine and connect the SSD within a caddy to it. Use disk management to convert MBR to GUID.

Now install physically the SSD into the new machine and do a fresh install of Windows 10.

  AZZATRU 00:46 20 Feb 2016

Hi, To answer your questions... I am selling my parts on of my old PC, It is a fairly new model mother board (latest Intel chipset). I literally have no idea about UEFI etc :/ if you could enlighten me on that, it would be great. I'm trying to get my head around it. Some IT worker told me to use Sysprep instead of formatting? I'm not formatted yet :)

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