Changing Hard Disc Drive

  superspark 15:04 30 Jan 2013

Can someone please advise me on this? My friend has Windows 7 on his HDD but he frequently gets a Boot Disc Error which means he has to go into safe mode to get it to run again. He has made a system image onto an external hard drive and has also made a Windows recovery disc. If he wanted to replace the internal HDD, would he be able to use the backups he has made to get his PC working again and if so, how would he go about it?

Thanks very much.

  lotvic 16:11 30 Jan 2013

The ability to restore from an image, depends on what the image is and which program was used to make it.

What is the Boot Disc Error that he gets? It may be possible to repair this by booting from the W7 Recovery disc which will give him a repair option.

Which program did he use to make the system image onto an Ext HDD?

What is the nature of the 'backups' you mention? (how made and by what program)

How many partitions are there on the HDD (with or without letters)?

When you say 'system image' do you mean a complete sector by sector image of the HDD or did he image just the C: partition

W7 has (unless he installed W7 himself onto an already made partition) a small 100mb system reserved boot partition (with no letter) which is placed on the HDD before the C: partition and there is probably a D: partition that W7 uses for backups.

  lotvic 16:31 30 Jan 2013

I'm sorry, I forgot to ask the first Q. What is the make and model of the pc and is it a laptop or Desktop and how old is it?

It may be the hard disk is failing or just the MBR (master boot record) is corrupted so need to know what the Boot Disk error is that he gets.

Also is he still able to easily boot up and into Safe Mode and use the pc? (safe mode loads with just basic drivers so if all is ok then it might be a corrupt driver causing the problem)

Does he have a boot disk for the program that he used to make the system image? (if so then he will be able to make further images of the type he needs)

I do not know all the remedies but others will pick up and post advice on how to proceed.

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