change to windows 7

  rocketbob 15:19 18 May 2011

whats the best way to change from vista to windows 7, the upgrade version or the full version

  ams4127 22:53 18 May 2011

Most people will tell you that the best method is to do a clean install, after backing up all your valuable files to another HDD, flash drive or whatever.

I, however, simply upgraded from Vista to Win7 on my desktop computer. It was quick and easy, all my settings and valuable files (although backed up) remained unchanged and I have had no problems whatsoever.

On my ageing laptop I did a clean install and have had no trouble with that method either.

So, really and truly, the choice is yours.

The only difference I have ever found is that my copy of Flight Sim X, with many addons, loaded considerably quicker in Vista than in Win7. Reading various threads in Flight Sim forums shows that this is a common problem with Win7. Would I go back to Vista again? No!!

Good luck in your change of OS.

  rocketbob 22:49 26 May 2011

thanks for your reply ams4127 i will go for upgraded method.

  mini mouse11 12:08 27 May 2011

Basically get the windows 7 installation CD and drivers and install it onto your computer.

  Strawballs 13:16 27 May 2011

When you finish the upgrade there will be a folder on the desktop called old windows and there will be all your old documents, favourites etc from your Vista install.

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