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Change the power button from "sleep" to "turn off"

  anskyber 11:56 02 Mar 2007

One of the minor annoyances for me in Vista is the power button in Start is set to place the PC into sleep. To turn the PC off it is necessary to select the smaller button to the right and chose "shut down"

No longer, for those who want the Start power button to shut the PC down, this is the solution.

Control Panel.
System and Maintenance.
Power options.
Select your power option and choose "Change Plan Settings"
Click "change advanced power settings".
Maximise "power buttons and lid"
Maximise "Start menu power button"
Click on "sleep" which will bring up options and select "Shut down"
Apply and OK.

If you hover over the power button in Start now you will see it confirms the changed funtion to shut down rather than sleep. It sounds more involved than it really is.

  tonyq 19:30 02 Mar 2007

Thank you for posting.

  PurplePenny 20:19 02 Mar 2007

Nice one anskyber :-)

Genius1 - I agree, the default should be shut down. Too many people already leave things on stand by instead of turning off. This default setting is just encouraging that behaviour.

  Pine Man 20:20 02 Mar 2007


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