Change default google chrome search engine

  wescliff 12:47 19 Nov 2017

Default is set to and I cannot change it. clicking on it does nothing. Chromesearch does not show in processes, services or task scheduler, or in installed programs. Have run Malwarebytes and it's still there. Homepage unaffected, but new tabs are not. Cannot find a setting to change default new tab either. Have run out if ideas, grateful if anyone can help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:08 19 Nov 2017

click on three dots top right of chrome - select settings - scroll down to search engines - manage search engines - click the three dots next to chrome search win and select remove from list.

I suggest you run the free ADwcleaner from malwarebytes as well to get rid of nasty browser plugins.

  wescliff 15:48 19 Nov 2017

Thanks but tried that. Nothing happens when I click the three dots. Options do appear if I click on chrome though. I cannot get rid of this default search option Having looked into it I should have other symptoms but there are none, just the default search engine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 19 Nov 2017

run adwcleaner

  wescliff 21:28 19 Nov 2017

Sorry, but have been out. Just run Adw and it got it. All OK now. Many thanks for your help, Very grateful.

  wescliff 21:41 19 Nov 2017

Could I please ask - the quarantine folder has nearly 7000 files in it and is 271mb in size. Is it possible to lose these once certain they are not needed.

  wescliff 11:25 20 Nov 2017

Sorted thanks, backed up quarantine just in case something wrongly deleted and used File/Uninstall. Got rid of everything.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:03 20 Nov 2017

I've only ever had one and that was cause by packaged adware in an installer for Fremake which I like but is renown for packaging adware with it.

7000 files your machine must have been running slow, delete the back up and run ADWCleaner again.

You can delete any files from the Quarantine folder.

  wescliff 12:24 30 Nov 2017

Sorry, just seen your reply. All ok now thanks. All seemed to be with the same issue (this was a clean install of Windows 10 in late October after continuous issues with 1709 installation) I think it arrived with a Java install, but certainly did not advertise the fact and give chance to refuse. I used to use Freemake, and as you say full of additions which have to be dealt with. I stopped using it when it started to tag adverts at beginning and end. Now use 4K.

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