Challenge! Need virus/reinstall advice or UK support for foreign (Japanese) laptop

  cloudorion 20:14 12 Aug 2014

Hi there, can anyone give me any advice? I bought my sony laptop while living in Japan. It has windows 7 installed in Japanese format/language & a Japanese style keyboard (with typical Roman alphabet also printed on keys like that of English keyboard).

After I returned to UK, found that computer was infected with a virus but just before returning, my virus software ran out & no longer functioned. I attempted to install alternate software, but it couldn't fully install as the old software was present, & old software could not be fully removed. It's a real mess now. It's sort of in antivirus limbo.

I guess my only option at this point is to reset the laptop to default settings? However the setup disk was lost somewhere while switching countries - as were the back up disks. My computer functions well for the most part, but the virus does interfere at points. The main problem is that I have no ongoing virus protection & am unable to install any at moment.

I am not particularly computer savvy, & could really use some assistance, but the laptop has Japanese language, & it takes me a long time to translate (layout of messages & functioning is v similar to English windows as far as I can tell). Are there any places in UK that offer foreign language comp assistance? Or do you have any ideas for reinstalling windows 7 without a backup disk?

I've seen that there are windows 7 iso you can download from legal sites to reinstall the basic os. I'd be happy to reinstall Windows7 in English, but would it work with a foreign product key & keyboard?


  wee eddie 21:38 12 Aug 2014

First things first: To uninstall the old Anti Virus software.

Visit their site and download their Uninstaller Program.

This will get rid of the "Old" and you should then be free to install the new.

  lotvic 22:19 12 Aug 2014

Here you go, .iso's all languages Windows 7 Direct Download Links, Official Disk Images from Digital River click here

it says that product key would activate in any language so you could get the English version and use your key (obviously I haven't tested this).

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