Certificate Problems in Chrome & IE 8

  triflesterm 13:04 18 Sep 2018


It doesnt matter what website I go to I get certificate errors, I've already set the date and time correctly, also I've unchecked both server certificate revocations, I've even unchecked SSL 2 & 3.

After all that i'm still getting the problems in both browsers.

I'm running Windows XP, IE 8 & an 4 year old copy of Chrome.

Please help.

Thank you

  wee eddie 15:28 18 Sep 2018

I'll lend you my Zimmer Frame

  Mapelo OriginalMaypex Msiwa 16:45 18 Sep 2018

With Google Chrome, there can be multiple reasons why the problem may persist. I suggest you look into these reasons

  1. Google Chrome is not updated.
  2. Clear SSL state cache
  3. Use SSL Unblocker
  4. Check if your antivirus is not blocking you from accessing websites
  triflesterm 19:24 18 Sep 2018

Zimmer frame for browsers? Whatever next lol

Thanks Mapelo, for replying, I'll try your recommendations and will let you know how I get on.

I forgot to mention that I did try with avast antivirus disabled, also as I don't have broadband I'm using my phone as a hot-spot.

Thanks again


  BT 08:44 19 Sep 2018

Google Chrome is not updated.

As you are using Win XP Google Chrome is no longer supported or Updated and you will be getting the yellow band across the top when you open it telling you this. I have an XP machine and although I don't get certifiacate errors on Chrome I do get them in Outlook Express.

  wee eddie 08:53 19 Sep 2018

A Computer running Windows XP, with IE 8 & an 4 year old copy of Chrome, is not safe on the internet. Updates have been made to protect you.

Many of us now use Windows 10, although some still use W7, IE 11 or Edge, or an up-to-date copy of Chrome. By running your old versions of the software, on the Net, you are putting your data at even more risk than the rest of us are

  triflesterm 08:53 19 Sep 2018


I've tried to download the latest chrome, but during the installation it goes to a blank page

chrome://chrome-signin/?access point=0&reason=0

Not sure how to get round this, also I've had a look for ssl unblocker, there appears to be quite a few out there.

Would you be able to send me a link to download a free version

I cleared my ssl cache, though this didn't fix the problem �/p>

  triflesterm 09:23 19 Sep 2018

I understand the security issues and wouldn't be using the browsers to do anything where I need added security, that being said I still need to resolve the issues I'm having whilst I'm using xp.

  wee eddie 09:32 19 Sep 2018

BT told you of the problem with Chrome, XP is no longer supported

  triflesterm 09:43 19 Sep 2018

I won't be using chrome if that's the case, though I would still like to use Ie 8

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