CDs not playing after windows 10

  grace.wilson 20:01 10 Aug 2015

Before I installed Windows 10, CDs played perfectly fine on my PC. When I put a disk into the disk drive, it spins but does not show up at all in 'my PC'.

  robbiestewart89 01:33 28 Sep 2015

@Fruit Bat

Wrong!!! Windows Media Player is indeed installed in Windows 10, but you have to find it. Here's why. In Windows 10, Microsoft chose to hide it, along with Internet Explorer due the fact that they've introduced the new Groove app for playing music and the new Microsoft Edge app for web browsing. Anyway, here's how you find it:

  1. Click on "Start."
  2. Click on "All Apps."
  3. Scrow down to the "Windows Accessories" folder and click to open it.
  4. In the "Windows Accessories" folder, you will see both the Windows Media Player 12 app and the Internet Explorer app.
  5. Click on the Windows Media Player app to launch it.

You can also right-click on the Windows Media Player app to either pin it to your start menu or pin it to your task bar. If you want to place a shortcut to the app on your desktop, simply drag the app to your desktop. This same procedure also applies to Internet Explorer also.

  carmadu 20:29 29 Sep 2015

Jim Curries post on Aug 15 solved my problem of not being able to play CD or DVD. For someone who is not versed in too many techie things I am very happy that the instructions were simple and clear. How easy now that I know. Although I didn't know what atpi controllers were and still don't but it worked. Yea.

  keebleweeble 19:17 17 Oct 2015

hi there I have an Hp Envy H8 1400z PC with windows 8 upgraded to 8.1 then to windows 10,now the dvd nor any cd's work and I can't find the atapi controller that you are talking about to uninstall.How ever it has all of the drives that you are talking about.Please let me know any suggestions.

  mollymole 11:31 27 Oct 2015

I also have this cd problem ,no removable disk drives are showing.I have found device manager and atapi controllers but can not find how to uninstall them.any help appriciated. mole

  [email protected] 00:06 28 Oct 2015

Right click for properties.

  redbuckLa 02:46 28 Oct 2015

Could you see the CD showing up in your file explorer? if not, you need to install the driver first. If yes, then you should probably use another media player, like KMPlayer

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