CD-ROM Not Reading/USB Reading As CD-Rom Drive

  kp82 22:56 18 Feb 2013

Hi all,

I am hoping someone will be able to give me some sort of advice as to what may be going on and/or what to do, or where to go next. I have a Gateway NV73 LapTop…that possibly may not even matter, though. I am using Windows 7.

I’ve recently (a month ago) installed Magic Jack onto my laptop-and have had zero issues until now. I was in the process of writing/burning a music CD via Nero 7 Premium. I was on my 2nd CD (I finished one CD, and it worked just fine), when all of a sudden my computer would no longer read my blank CD …later to realize that is was not reading any CD. And even later to realize that my computer was reading my USB post (where my Magic Jack is installed) as my CD Drive.

Ive tried DVDS, CDS, and it will not pick up anything. It always prompts me to “insert a CD and opens my CD door). So, it opens and closes fine…the green light goes on and then off. And it even registers as if it is TRYING to read the CD drive because the CD light above my keyboard constantly is blinking on and off.

I’ve uninstalled Nero. I’ve cleaned the registry via PC tolls registry cleaner. Ive even deleted the filters (both lower and upper). And nothing has worked. I wiped off the CD lens too.

Does this appear to possibly be something installed on my computer that is suspicious….?

Any words of wisdom will help. I use my CD-Rom all the time!

Thank you in advance!

  johndrew 10:37 19 Feb 2013

You don't say what the condition of the PC was when the drive stopped working, were you connected to the internet, was there any likelihood there was an incoming call or were you also performing any other task?

Could the drive have failed? If it suddenly went down and fails to recognise any CD after a lot of use (" I use my CD-Rom all the time") it could simply be worn out and failed.

The fact your PC is attempting to identify a drive and finding the USB may also be an indication.

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