CD Info Disappearing from mp3s

  schneidee 01:10 09 Jun 2013

After I 'rip' my CDs to my PC and input all the info, composers, producer, label, etc., they disappear and end up in my 'My Music' folder with all the info gone.




  aquatarkus 18:16 09 Jun 2013

Hi there

What program are you using to rip your cd's and in what format are you ripping them? for the absolute best quality would suggest you rip as FLAC as this is a bit perfect copy of the cd.

I would recommend that to make sure all your music is tagged correctly you use something like Mp3Tag available here

or Musicbrainz Picard available here

or Tag&Rename which is probably the best but you have to pay for it ($29.95), there is a fully functioning 30 day trial version

I use a combination of Tag&Rename and Mp3Tag to keep my 5,000+ albums all correctly tagged

Regards Aquatarkus

  schneidee 02:41 11 Jun 2013


Thank you for your reply.

I use 'Windows Media Player' to rip the songs.

No program for 'tagging'..... I am filling info in by clicking 'Properties' on each song and choosing 'details.'



  aquatarkus 08:39 11 Jun 2013

Hi Schneidee

That must be a very long a laborious job doing it that way,

You'll find it much quicker and easier using a proper tagging program, have a play with Tag&Rename as linked to in my previous answer, you'll find it very useful and a lot easier, you will even be able to add the album covers into each music file.



  schneidee 13:18 11 Jun 2013

O.K. I will try that!

Thanks again....S

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