ccleaner and Vista?

  mammak 21:10 27 Dec 2007

Is there any know problems with the above?

I have downloaded it but not yet installed, would really like the go-ahead from some trusted users first thanks I would appreciate any help.

  [email protected] 21:16 27 Dec 2007

I don't have Vista but this link appears to suggest it should be OK:
click here

  [email protected] 21:22 27 Dec 2007

and this one even more positive:
click here
but I note you would prefer a post from a trusted user - sorry, that's me out ;-)

  mammak 21:25 27 Dec 2007

Hi thanks lol I really did mean trusted users of ccleaner on Vista honest :-)

  [email protected] 21:26 27 Dec 2007

i used it loads since feb never had any problems at all not even with registry.

  mammak 21:46 27 Dec 2007

Thanks everyone for your responses I will now install and run.

  mammak 22:40 27 Dec 2007

Installed and ran with no problems thanks everyone.
I really have missed it :-))

  [email protected] 11:29 29 Dec 2007

you should have started your own thread really, mammak may get emails for you.
i have ran ccleaner since i had a pc on factory setting never had a problem, it removes all cookies so you may have to log into your usual sites again, you can allow cookies from say pc advisor or any other favorites in options>> cookies to stop this.

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