Is Ccleaner safe to use with an SSD/HDD computer?

  Marvin Grunt 11:32 03 Jan 2018

I have recently bought a Pavilion pc with 256 Gb SSD and 3 Tb HDD. The operating system [win 10 home] plus other apps are on the SSD, my files are on the HDD. Where do temp surfing files end up, and how do I erase them if they are on the SSD? I understand that repeated rewrites can reduce SSD life, so would Ccleaner be a safe bet if set to single pass? Or does the Win 10 maintenance system do all that is necessary for computer health?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 03 Jan 2018

Where do temp surfing files end up

that really depends on the browser but probably on your SSD

I have used CCleaner with my SSD no problem, you don't use the single pass drive wiper to clear this sort of content. Just run the clear and it will delete the temp files.

  wee eddie 19:13 03 Jan 2018

Repeated rewrites can limit the life of an SSDS. Yes.

I am going to give you a 'made up' statistic, but it's not far wrong.

You could do 1000 rewrites a day for the rest of your life and still have some to spare

  Forum Editor 22:43 03 Jan 2018

Tests have indicated that you could write 100 Gigabytes of data to your SSD every day for 27 years before it would give up the ghost.

Long before then, you'll probably be using some other form of data storage.

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