Ccleaner and index.dat files

  BigFeller 12:46 24 Nov 2008

Hi, I have recently bought a Dell laptop, running Vista SP1 and I have just installed ccleaner. I am testing its functions and am somewhat confused as how how ccleaner actually deals with index.dat files. Could someone explain please?

I do a search for index.dat with Hide Protected Operating System Files unchecked and with the search option Include non-indexed, hidden and system files checked. This finds 4 index.dat files.

I then run ccleaner as administrator and do an Analyze. This finds 5 index.dat files - only 2 of the ones my search found plus 3 others - and says they are Marked for deletion.

I then Run ccleaner and the 5 index.dat files are still shown as Marked for deletion.

I then repeat my search and still find the same 4 index.dat files. I then do a Shutdown and bring the system up again. I do my search again and it finds only 3 index.dat files.

So, my questions are:

1. Why do ccleaner and my search find different index.dat files?
2. What does Marked for deletion actually mean in ccleaner?
3. Most importantly, how does ccleaner process index.dat files? I had assumed that it would find the same ones as my search found and would then delete them - this does not appear to be true.

Any explanaation of what ccleaner does with the index.dat files would be much appreciated.

  User-1229748 17:01 24 Nov 2008

found a bit of info here,my apologies if you've already seen thisclick here

  User-1229748 17:07 24 Nov 2008

i think ccleaner by default might only clean the files that are over 48 hours old.maybe marked for deletion could mean they are deleted when you reboot or when they are 48 hours old but i'm only guessing if the truth be known :o)

  peter99co 22:02 24 Nov 2008

click here

Any Help?

  peter99co 22:03 24 Nov 2008

Although essentially undocumented by Microsoft there are several hidden files, all with the filename index.dat that reside in directories on your system. These permanently cache website addresses and cookies from sites you have visited. This list is never deleted and gradually increases in size, resulting in IE slowing down. Selecting this option will mark these files for deletion the next time your computer is rebooted. (Unfortunately these files cannot be deleted immediately as they are permanently in use by the operating system.)

  BigFeller 14:18 25 Nov 2008

Thanks smackheadz and peter99co for your thoughts on this.

The quote from the Guide seems to be true (well sort-of). When I close Internet Explorer and do my Search I find 4 index.dat files. If I then Run ccleaner, shutdown and restart I find that my Search then shows 3 index.dat files. So, one of the 4 files has been deleted (and presumably is recreated when needed) and another seems to have been deleted and recreated as its Created Date has changed. But the other 2 index.dat files appear to have survived unchanged.

But what really confuses me is that my Search and ccleaner Analyze find different index.dat files. It seems that there is no simple answer to exactly how many index.dat files should exist on a Vista system.

Rather like the design of the Registry, it seems that index.dat files are one of the mysteries of the Universe (possibly deliberately so of course!).

  peter99co 18:27 25 Nov 2008

It is best not to worry to much.

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