Cards not seen in USB cardreader.

  Naomi1 19:00 30 Dec 2011

Asus P8Z68-deLuxe/GEN3, Windows 7 64-bits. I built this PC recently from brand new top quality parts.

  • When I put a CF or an SDHC card in the internal (USB) cardreader or in an external (USB) cardreader, those cards are not seen, although the readers are seen alright.

  • When I disconnect the internal reader, put a card in it, and connect it again to USB, the card is seen. Take the card out, put it in again; no card. Same with he external reader.

I checked Device Manager on possible wrong settings, but couldn't find anything.

Checked the external reader on another PC and a laptop, both Win7/64; no problems.


  northumbria61 19:37 30 Dec 2011

Have a read through this to see if there is anything to help - enter link description here

  difarn 12:15 31 Dec 2011

Have a look at this articledescribing a similar scenario - solution was that a little brass tap inside the built-in card reader was not functioning correctly.

  Naomi1 13:30 31 Dec 2011

@ northumbria61; until now no results, but I'll continue trying. @ difarn; that can't be the problem. As I explained already in my thread; it happens on both an internal and an external cardreader; they couldn't have the same tap failure on the same spot. And it happened with CF ánd SDHC; two different slots in any reader. The cards were seen in the external reader on another PC and a laptop.

It is obvious that it has to do with the problem of USB on that particular PC, not detecting the cards when put in a connected reader (the cardreader itself being perfectly detected). Weird is the fact that both reader and card are detected when reader is connected with card already inserted!

  difarn 15:24 31 Dec 2011

Just a thought - are your usb readers SDHC compliant? Have a look at this article about SDHC support for Windows 7 and updating drivers.

I agree that it is odd that reader and card are detected when reader is connected with the card already inserted.

  Naomi1 14:04 01 Jan 2012

The cardreaders are compliant with SDHC. Which is also evident since they read the SDHC card, except on that particular PC with the reader connected first. And the problem is the same wenn using CF-cards.

Conclusion; the USB system on that PC only is working weird; but what is the cause, and how do I get rid of it.

I checked the knowledge and Q&A site of ASUS on that board, but nothing about this problem. No new drivers available.

  difarn 16:53 01 Jan 2012

Very puzzling - have you tried a hotfix of any kind - article here may be useful.

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