caps lock on in word

  conrail 20:08 04 Jan 2013

using windows 7 home premium 64bit with office xp, while typing a letter, halfway through I noticed that caps lock was on but the caps lock light indicator was not, whether I have the caps lock button pressed or not I just write in capital letters and as this is a business letter I don't want that so I must have pressed some button (or combination of buttons) please help me get rid of these capitals, it must only be in word as it not doing it here, please help

  conrail 20:19 04 Jan 2013

I have just finished the letter, caps and all, created a text box to put my details in and noticed that there is no problem in the text box but caps lock is still on in the main document.

  difarn 22:20 04 Jan 2013

Have you tried Control - shift - A - this toggles caps on and off.

Try going into format - fonts and making sure that "All caps" is unchecked.

  lotvic 22:30 04 Jan 2013

Select all the text in your document and on the Format menu, click Change Case and in the popup choose 'Sentance Case'

I think that 'Shift+F3' (hold down shift and press F3) is your problem. That combination of keys will change the Case of any selected text each time are pressed. (it cycles through the options each time they are pressed) also somehow you have formatted the style to be in ALL CAPITALS.

Have a read of and see if you can work out how to undo whatever it is.

  conrail 17:41 06 Jan 2013

thanks difarn, that has worked, must have pressed these keys to put caps on. thanks lotvic, I did that and it worked on the current text but starting new text went back to caps, your link was very helpful, again many thanks to both

  difarn 21:41 06 Jan 2013

It is so easily done - glad it's fixed.

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